WORKAROUND: Project Upgrade stalls at "Step 2 of 5"


When upgrading a project from Leapfrog Geo v4.0.0 to v4.0.1, the progress bar stalls at "Step 2 of 5" and never completes.


The upgrade stalling is related to Prioritised Objects in the original 4.0.0 Leapfrog Geo Project.  In order to allow the project upgrade to proceed, all prioritisation must first be removed from the original project.  The following steps show how to do this.

Step 1

Open the project using Leapfrog Geo v4.0.0

Step 2

As shown below, click on the Priority icon to select all currently prioritised objects in the project.


Step 3

Right-click any one of the highlighted objects and select 'Clear Priority'


Step 4

Open the project using Leapfrog Geo v4.0.1 and the project upgrade will run.  

Note: Step 5 of 5 may take some time to run depending on the size of the project.


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