Workaround for Hasp driver issues after Windows 10 update

There has been an increase in problems of Hasp drivers with a Windows update. 

At this stage it appears that Microsoft has issued a Windows Update that invalidates the USB driver that Leapfrog installs as part of the application install process.  We believe this is in response to the recently released HASP Sentinel emulator.  

In order to solve the problem the user will need to uninstall the previous installed drivers and install the most recent HASP Sentinel driver.  

Below are the instructions on how to reinstall the drivers using the Command Line, alternatively you may reinstall the drivers using the Windows GUI installer;

1. Close Leapfrog and remove all dongles

2. Download Sentinel HA SP/LDK - Command Line Run-time Installer -


3. Unzip the archive and use shift + right click within the directory to open Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell 

4. Uninstall the drivers by running haspdinst.exe -r -purge 

5. Re-install the drivers with haspdinst.exe -i

6. When completed, restart Leapfrog and plug in the dongle when prompted.


If none of the above works, please shut down the antivirus program before reinstalling the dongle drivers, and see if that works.


If these work arounds fail, please contact support to have this problem escalated. 

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