Using Dr Watson for Windows XP to create a diagnostic MiniDump


When Leapfrog encounters a problem this may cause Leapfrog to crash. These source of these problems can be difficult to find. To help your technical support staff find the source of the problem that is causing Leapfrog to crash, they may ask you to send a crash dump file. This file contains information about what is happening internally in Leapfrog when the crash occurred . This will help our Technical support staff diagnose and resolve the problem that is causing Leapfrog to crash.

Start Dr Watson and configure the crash dump options

  1. Press the Start button, choose Run, type drwtsn32 and hit Enter
  2. In the dialog that appears check the "Log File Path" and "Crash Dump" paths
  3. Set "Number of Instructions" to 20
  4. Set the "Crash Dump" Type to "Mini"
  5. Make sure that the "Dump Symbol Table" option is checked,
  6. Make sure that "Create Crash Dump File" is also checked then click the OK button.


Reproduce the crash and get the minidump file

Now reproduce the issue that caused Leapfrog to crash. Because you have used Dr Watson to configure crash dump options in windows, windows have recorded information about the crash. This information will help your technical support representative diagnose the problem you have been experiencing. This information is stored in the files: drwtsn32.log and user.dmp.

These will be created in the directories specified in Log File Path and Crash Dump. Which is usually: \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson

Please zip up the drwtsn32.log and user.dmp files and send them to you Leapfrog technical support representative.


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