Getting information about what caused Leapfrog to freeze up using WhatIsHang


When Leapfrog encounters a problem this may cause Leapfrog to freeze up or “hang” and become non responsive. There are many potential causes of this, your support contact may ask you to follow these steps to gather information about what is causing Leapfrog to hang on your computer. The free utility “WhatIsHang” gathers information about an application that has hung. This information will help support staff locate the cause of the freeze by gathering information about what Leapfrog was trying to do at the time that it stopped responding.

1 – Get the WhatIsHang utility.

This free utility is available from


There are two version of the WhatIsHang utility, as 32bit version and a 64bit versions. If you are using the 64bit version of Leapfrog you must use the 64bit version of WhatIsHang and vice-versa.

Once you have downloaded the version of WhatIsHang, extract the contents of the zip file you downloaded to folder you can access.

2 – Get Leapfrog to freeze up.

Before you can get any useful information about what is causing Leapfrog to freeze on your computer, you need to get Leapfrog to freeze up. Once you have done this, leave any error messages you see open and do not close Leapfrog. This is important - if you close these error messages or close Leapfrog you will not be able to get any information about why Leapfrog has frozen up.

3 – Start the WhatIsHang utility.

Go to the folder you extracted the WhatIsHang zip file to and run “WhatIsHang”. This will start the utility and will display a list of applications that it has detected have frozen on your computer:


The Leapfrog application that has frozen may appear multiple times on this list. This is fine, but you will need to repeat the next steps for each item in this list of frozen applications.

4 – Get the hang information from WhatIsHang.

Select one of the items in the list, then press Ctrl+F9. This will put the hang information into pane below the list of hung applications. You should then right click on this information and choose “Select all” then right click again and select copy.

This will place a copy of the hang information in the clipboard. Please copy this into an email and send it to you support contact.






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