Using the problem step recorder to record reproduction steps to help technical support reproduce a problem


To resolve an issue you have experienced with our software, ARANZ geo support staff needs accurate information about the problem that you have reported.  The windows problem step recorder is a tool that makes it easy for you to collect the information we need to reproduce and resolve the problem.

What does the problem step recorder do?

When the problem step recorder is running, it takes screenshots and records information about the computer as you use it.  If it is recording when you experience a problem in Leapfrog, the problem step recorder will have recorded everything you have done prior to this problem. This information can then be used by our support staff to reproduce and resolve the problem. Additionally, the information it records will help us find a work around for you so that you continue to work effectively with our software.


The problem step recorder will record everything you do while it is recording. Please bear this in mind and avoid doing/displaying anything you do not want to share with our technical support staff.


Starting the problem step recorder

The problem step recorder is easy to find. Open the start menu and type “psr”. The problem step recorder will appear at the top as “psr.exe”. Click on it to start the problem step recorder.



Using the problem step recorder

One you have started the problem step recorder it will look like this:


Start Leapfrog and then click on “start record” in the problem step recorder. Continue using Leapfrog until the problem you reported occurs. You can now stop recording by clicking on “Stop record”. The problem step recorder will ask you where to save a zip file. Do this and send the zip file to your Leapfrog support contact.


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