How to use the task manager to get a memory dump from Leapfrog.


When Leapfrog encounters a problem this may cause Leapfrog to crash. These source of these problems can be difficult to find. To help your technical support staff find the source of the problem that is causing Leapfrog to crash, they may ask you to send a crash dump file. This file contains information about what is happening internally in Leapfrog when the crash occurred. The information recorded will help our technical support staff diagnose and resolve the problem that is causing Leapfrog to crash.

1 – Get Leapfrog to crash.

Before you can get a useful crash dump file, you need to get Leapfrog to crash. Once you have done this leave any error messages you see open. This is important - if you close these error messages then you will not be able to produce a useful crash dump file.

2 – Start the task manager.

To start the task manager, click on the start menu and type: taskmgr.exe

Hit the enter key and the task manager will start:



3 – Find Geo in the applications list and create a dump file

Find geo in the applications list in the task manager. Right click on “Leapfrog Geo” to open a menu:



Now select “Create Dump File” this will create a dump file and then a new window will open:


This window has the location and the name of the dump file. In this the dump file is called “Geo (3).DMP” and it is located in C:\Users\kirk\AppData\Local\Temp. Go to this location with windows explorer. There you can find the dump file. Please send this dump file to your technical support representative.


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