Collecting diagnostic information using Process Monitor


To help diagnose an issue you have been having with Leapfrog, a technical support representative may ask you to use a utility called "Process Monitor". Process Monitor is a small application that records diagnostic information about how Leapfrog is interacting with your computer. The information that is gathered will help your technical support representative diagnose the cause of the issue you have been experiencing and will help resolve this issue you have reported.


1 - Download and run Process Monitor

Download Process Monitor from .

Once you have downloaded and run Process Monitor, it will ask you to confirm administrative rights.  You will need to click "Yes" or Process Monitor will not be able to collect any useful information.


2 - Start logging the diagnostic information in Process Monitor

Process monitor can collect information about any application you have running on your computer. We are only interested in the Leapfrog application you are running, so first you will need to make sure that process monitor only collects information about your Leapfrog application.

 - Click on the 'Filter' icon:



- Set a filter for "Process Name begins with" and enter "geo" is you are using Geo, "works" if you are using Works or "geothermal" if you are using Geothermal. Once you have done this, click on "Add" and then click on "OK" to apply your changes.



- check the logging icons are set like this:



3 - Reproduce the error and send the logging information to your technical support representative

Process monitory will now be collect information about leapfrog when it is running. So just start using Leapfrog and work until you reproduce the error or crash you reported.

Once this has happened return to Process Monitor and Click on the 'Capture' icon to stop collecting data. This will put a red cross on the capture icon and this is how you can tell that process monitor has stopped collecting data.



Now click on the 'Save' icon: Fig_6.png to save the data which has been collected, this will open a window, set the options in this window as shown in the screenshot below, select a location to save the data to (your Desktop is a good choice) and click OK:



Send the file you saved from Process Monitor to your Technical Support Representative using the file transfer link they have provided.


















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