How to use the Reliability Monitor to get more information about a Leapfrog error.


When Leapfrog has experienced an error that has caused it to stop unexpectedly, important information about this error is recorded by Windows. The Windows Reliability Monitor is a diagnostic tool that is provided with Windows to process this information. This information is of use to our technical support staff and will help them diagnose and resolve the problem that caused Leapfrog to stop unexpectedly.

How to start the Reliability Monitor

To start the Reliability Monitor in Windows 7, hold down the Windows key and press r. This will open a small window called "Run". In this window enter the text:

perfmon /rel

 as shown in the screenshot below.


Click on OK and this will open the Reliability Monitor.


In Windows 10, type 'Reliability Monitor' in the Windows Search bar at the bottom left of your screen.


How to use the Reliability Monitor to get information about an error



A timeline is shown at the top of the Reliability Monitor.  A red button with a cross is shown on days where a serious error has occurred. These are the days that we are interested in.

To get a report of what errors have occurred on a given day, click on the day in the timeline. The details of all the errors that happened on this day are listed below the timeline.

Now, look through the critical events. These are serious errors that have caused an application to stop working.  Look for Leapfrog applications in this list such as Geo.exe, Hydro.exe, Viewer.exe or Geothermal.exe, and click on “View technical details”. This will show more detailed information about the error. It is this information our technical support staff need. Take screenshot of the technical details or use the Copy to clipboard button on the bottom left of the screen, and send this information to your Leapfrog support contact.


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    Niklas Sääv

    Works with Windows 8.1 as well (asuming that it will work with Win 8).

    Only differance is that you will have to right-click on the application to get the 'Technical Details' since it defaults to 'Check for Solution'

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