Enable license wizard logging - WinXP

Running Geo with extra logging to help resolve a problem with the licensing wizard.

 When the licensing wizard fails to download your dongle license or software trial license, a Leapfrog support representative may ask you to follow these steps. Following these steps will allow you to run Geo with additional logging enabled. The additional information this provides will help your Leapfrog support representative resolve the problem with the licensing wizard.

Find leapfrog in your start menu and make a copy of the program link.

 First off you need to find your Leapfrog application in the start menu. Once you have done this make a copy of the program link as shown below



Put a copy of the program link on your desktop

Now that you have a copy of the program link in the clipboard, you need to past this to your desktop as shown in the two screenshots below. You will modify this link in subsequent steps so that you can run your Leapfrog application with additional logging enabled.




Edit the link to enable extra logging

Now you will need to edit the link you have created to enable the extra logging in your Leapfrog application. The steps are shown in the screenshots below:




Rename the link so that you know this is the "extra logging" link

Now you should change the name of this link so that it is clear that using this link will enable extra logging in geo.



Run Leapfrog and reproduce the problem

Now run Leapfrog using the link you created. This will start Leapfrog with additional licensing debugging enabled. Reproduce the issue you have reported and close Geo. You must close to to ensure that all logging information is written to the log files.

Find the log directory and with Leapfrog logs

If you are experiencing problems with the licensing wizard you may not be able to unlock Leapfrog and get to the link to the log files in help about. Do not worry there is another way to find the log file directory.

  1. Hold down the windows key and press "r".
  2. This will open a small dialog called run
  3. In this windows, replace whatever is in the "Open" field with this text "%tmp%" as shown below:
  4. Click on "ok" this will open a windows explorer window. Here you can find the log directory. If you are using Leaprog Geo, the log directory is called "Leapfrog Geo logs", Hydro "Leapfrog Hydro logs" ect.Fig10.png
  5. Open this folder and send all the log files in it to your Leapfrog support representative.


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