Using WMI diagnosis utility to obtain troubleshooting information


Leapfrog uses a windows service called the WMI to obtain information about your computer. This is used to display information about your computer in the help about window, and is also used as part of Geo's licensing system. An error or problem with WMI can stop your license from working, or can prevent you from obtaining a new license. This document describes how to use Microsoft's "WMI Diagnosis Utility" to examine the WMI service on your computer for any errors or problems that are preventing Leapfrog from functioning correctly.

Download and Install the WMI Diagnostic Utility

Download the WMI Diagnostic utility installer from this link: link

One the download is completed, run the installer. This will ask you to provide a folder to extract the WMI Diagnostic utility to.


A good place for this is a folder on your desktop.


Once you have selected the folder you want to put the WMI tools into, click on ok to etxtract the WMI Diagnostic utility files. You may be asked if you want to create a new folder, if this happens select "ok" to create a new folder for the files.

Run the diagnostic utility

Once you have extracted the diagnostic utility files to your folder, go the folder and run "WMIDiag". This is a vb script that will take several minutes to run and it will examine the WMI looking for potential issues and problems.


When you run this scripts, you may see a warning window. It is safe to ignore this, all this means is that  will not see any on-screen activity while the script is running. But you will be notified when it has finished running.


When the script has finished, it will open a log file in notepad automatically.


Find the logs the utility produced

Towards the bottom of the log that is open in notepad, you will be able to find the locations of the other logs that were produced.


Go to this folder in explorer and copy all the logs out of this folder. Send these to your Leapfrog support representative.



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