WORKAROUND: Geo 2.0 LFM file will not import into Leapfrog Mining 2.6

Due to an coding oversight, Geo 1.4.2 wrote misleading information into the header of the LFM files that were exported from it. In particular, the header contained incorrect information about the endianness of the binary mesh data that comprises most of the LFM file. This was corrected in Geo 2.0, however Leapfrog mining 2.6 cannot read the new files without some minor modifications, attempting to open Geo 2.0 LFM files will result in the error below:


The workaround is simply to open the geo 2.0 LFM file and to change the "endian" field from "little" to "big". To do this you should use either a hex editor of an advanced text editor such as notepad++. The instructions presented here assume that you are using notepad++. NOTE: Using the standard windows notepad editor will not work, this will corrupt the binary date in the mesh file making the file unreadable, DO NOT USE NOTEPAD.

Step 1 - Open LFM file and find endian field

Open your LFM file inNotepad++ and scroll down until you see the endian field as shown in the screenshot below:



Step 3 - Change endian field from "little" to "big" and save

Now you have found the endian field, all that you need to do is to change "little" to "big" and save the file. The result should look like this:



This modified file will import into Leapfrog mining 2.6.



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