WORKAROUND: Geo tracebacks when you attempt to import data


Due to a bug, there is an problem with the way geo reads windows registry information. In this case, Geo is attempting to read the last directory used for importing data from the a key in the windows registry. This is failing due to the presence of non ascii characters in the directory name or path that are stored in the registry key. While we have fixed this issue, the fix is not currently in a release. The only way to work around this is to remove the offending key from the windows registry.


  1. run regedit as administrator, you can do this by simply hitting the windows key and R together to open a run dialog. In this dialog, enter "regedit' in the "open" field and click ok.
  2. This will open regedit, you now need to find the correct registry entry to delete. Open "HKEY_CURRENT_USER", then open "Software" followed by "ARANZ Geo".
  3. Click on "Geo2.0", the resulting regedit window should look like the screenshot attached.
  4. Right click on "Import Dir" and select delete. If you prompted to confirm this choice click on "Yes"





This will get you up and running again. However, if  you attempt to import any data from a non ASCII directory path, this will be saved in the registry and the problem will start all over again... Your could follow this procedure again, but it really would be best if you copied all the data that you intended to work with into a directory path that does not have any non ascii characters in it.

This directory may have to be located directly in C:\ or D:\ ect. If the your windows username has non ascii characters in it, so will all directories in your windows account. Thus using a directory in say "My Documents" or "My Desktop" may not work as the path to these directories will contain your username and thus could be problematic.

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