WORKAROUND: Using ModelMuse to convert an Modflow model to a form Hydro/Geo can read


Hydro and Geo do not support all the the formats that Modflow 2000/2005 support. While many of the commonly used formats are supported, there some Geo/Hdyro will fail to read.  In some cases, USGS' ModelMuse can be used to convert these models to a format the Hydro and Geo can import.


First, download and install ModelMuse from USGS' site [here](

Now to avoid overwriting any of your original Modflow model data or model outputs, make a copy of your model **in a separate directory**.  This is important, ModeMuse **will** overwrite your model's results during the conversion so you really need to be careful about this.

After you have installed ModelMuse, start ModelMuse and select "Import MODFLOW-2005 or MODFLOW-NWT model":


Click "Next" and a new window will appear. Make sure you select the name file of the copy of your model and click "OK"  to import this model.


ModelMuse will now display your model in the main window.

Now by default, ModelMuse will run Modflow 2005 automatically when you export your model. We don't want this to happen, we just want ModeMuse to generate a set of Modeflow2005 files that Geo or Hydro will read. Thus we need to perform a couple of steps to change this behaviour.

Click on the "Model" menu and select "MODFLOW Program Locations..."


ModelMuse must have a valid executable specified in the "Modflow 2005" field or it wont work, however we don't want ModelMuse to run Modflow 2005!

The easiest way around this restriction, is just to specify windows notepad as the "Modflow" executable. Enter "C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe" in the dialog as shown in the screenshot below and click ok to save the changes.


We are almost done,  now we need to export our model as Modflow input files. Click on the file menu and select "Export"-> "MODFLOW Input Files" as shown below:


This will open a file browser dialog, enter a name for your Modflow file set and click save to begin exporting your model as shown below:


ModelMuse will start exporting your model, and a dialog will display progress during the export:


After the export has completed, ModelMuse will attempt to start Modflow2005 - however we configured ModelMuse to use notepad.exe instead. As a result, modflow will not run and ModelMuse and will display the following "ModelMonitor" dialog shown below. You can just close this dialog by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the dialog.


Almos tDone! The new modflow2005 files have been created, In this example the modflow files will be located in F:\tmp, named "my_exported_model".

You need to perform a small edit to the nam file. Open it  (my_exported_model.nam in this example) in a text editor and the text "OLD" that is at the end of several lines. Save the file, and the resulting nam file should  now import into Geo or Hydro.

fig9.jpg   fig10.jpg














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