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Leapfrog applications create log files when they run. These logs contain various diagnostic messages and also track application errors that occur when Leapfrog is running. If you are experiencing a problem that is stopping you from obtaining a license, you may be asked to run Leapfrog with additional logging enabled. This additional logging contains more information about what Leapfrog is doing when it is attempting obtain your license. This additional information will help your technical support representative find the cause of the problem you are experiencing.


1 - Create a shortcut for your Leapfrog application on the desktop

First off, you will need to create a shortcut on the desktop for your leapfrog application. This shortcut will then be modified so that when you use this shortcut to start Leapfrog, the additional logging is enabled.

- Open the start menu and find your Leapfrog application, this should look something like the screenshot below:



- Now copy the link to Leapfrog by right clicking on it and selecting copy:



- You now have a copy of the shortcut to run Leapfrog in you clipboard. Now put this link on your desktop by right clicking on an empty spot on the desktop and selecting paste. This will create a shortcut that will start Leapfrog.



2 - Modify the link on the desktop to run Leapfrog with additional logging enabled

After following the steps above, you should have an icon on you desktop that look something like this:


You will now need to modify this shortcut so that when you use it, Leapfrog will run with the additional logging enabled. To do this, right click on the icon and select "Properties":



This will open the properties window, in this window go to the "Shortcut" tab and add the text " --logger=licensing" to the end of the target. Make sure there is a space before the first dash.


Once you have done this, click on "OK" to save your changes and close the properties window.

3 - Run Leapfrog and reproduce the problem

Now run leapfrog using the new shortcut you created on the desktop. Leapfrog will now log additional information to its log files. The log files are stored in the folder C:\Users\{my user name}\AppData\Local\Temp\Leapfrog Geo logs where {my user name} is the user name you have logged into you computer with.

Once you have reproduced the problem, please close Leapfrog, go the the log folder and send all the files in this folder to your technical support representative.

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