Blank Scene View after Windows 10 Update

A recent Windows 10 update has caused some issues with the Leapfrog scene. This has to do with an incompatibility issue with the graphics card drivers as introduced with this update.

Fix 1 (Recommended):

Toggle the O and P keys on your keyboard while in the scene view. This will reset the graphics display.


Fix 2 (Alternative):

(Specific to Intel on-board graphics)

Replace your PC manufacturer's graphics driver and use a newer generic one from Intel instead. You may have to disable automatic Windows Updates as it will continually search for a 'better' driver.  Since a driver produced by your computer manufacturer (which is specific to their hardware) will be deemed better than the generic Intel one, Windows Update may install it instead of the generic one and reintroduce the incorrect behaviour.

  1. In Geo, look for your system info by going to the Leapfrog Main Menu > About > System Info, and finding the details on the Intel card. 



  1. Visit Intel's Downloads for Graphics Drivers and search for that driver.


  1. The search results will indicate compatible drivers, but when you click on one be sure to review the section under "This download is valid for the product(s) listed below" to make sure your card is listed there.



  1. Download the .exe file your selected driver and save it to a location on your machine.
  2. Uninstall the previous driver before installing the new driver. 
  • Open Device manager, expand the Display adapters, right click on your graphics card and select Properties


  • Switch to the Driver tab and select the Uninstall Device button (at the bottom) to remove the device. 


  • On the confirmation dialog, make sure to tick the Delete the driver software for this device before clicking Uninstall to remove the incompatible drivers. The system will need to reboot.


  • When the system has restarted, browse to where you downloaded the .exe file and run it to install the new driver. The system will need to reboot again.


 6. After the system restart, the 3D scene should work properly again.


Hopefully, eventually the PC manufacturer will release their own fixed drivers. 



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