Leapfrog Products Freeze after Windows 10 Update

A recent Windows 10 update has caused Leapfrog to freeze upon startup. This may be caused by an issue with the HASP drivers used for the licencing dongle.


 Recommended Steps:

  1. Visit the Sentinel Downloads Page 
  2. Download the Sentinel HASP LDK - Windows GUI Run-time Installer. This will download the latest version of the HASP drivers.

You will be prompted to accept the SAFENET END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT and then confirm the download. You may need to allow pop-ups. 

  1. Run this driver. This should overwrite previous versions.
  2. Restart the machine and retry Leapfrog


Secondary Steps:

If this does not succeed, you may need to forcibly uninstall the old HASP driver. 

1. Download the Sentinel HASP LDK - Command Line Run-time Installer from the same page as aboveAccept the user agreement prompts and confirm the download. 

2. Extract the ZIP file onto your machine 

3. Open CMD in Administrator mode.

4. Change directory to the location where you extracted the HASP runtime installer. This is done by typing cd followed by the file location, e.g. cd C:\Users\<username>\Downloads\Sentinel_LDK_Run-time_cmd_line

5. Within CMD, type the following command to remove the existing HASP runtime:

  • haspdinst.exe -r -fr -kp -fss -purge

6. Within CMD, type the following command to reinstall the runtime:

  • haspdinst.exe -i -fi -kp -fss

7. Restart your machine and retry Leapfrog


If this is still unsuccessful please contact Leapfrog Support for more assistance.

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