Basic HASP driver reinstallation

Sometimes computer updates or internal settings updates can cause the driver to no longer be recognized. 

Some indications of this are:

  • The red light on the dongle is not shining
  • Leapfrog does not recognize a dongle being plugged in.


You may have to reinstall the dongle driver. 
1. Close Leapfrog 
2. Remove any dongles from your machine
3. Uninstall the current driver: Control Panel > Uninstall Program > search for Sentinel Runtime and uninstall this
4. Reinstall the new driver, which is included within the Geo program files here: C:\Program Files\Seequent\Leapfrog Geo 4.5. The driver is called HASPUserSetup.exe
(If you are running Leapfrog 4.2 or older, this file location will be C:\Program Files\ARANZ Geo\Leapfrog Geo 4.) 
5. Run this executable 
6. Plug the dongle in
7. Open Leapfrog
8. Check out a license 

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